Toothpaste is an essential part of life- it’s the best way to care for your lovely smile and as a result we use an awful lot of it. Ensuring that toothpaste tubes are recyclable is critical to the health of our environment. Read on to see just how recyclable toothpaste tubes are and what you can do to help consume toothpaste more sustainably.

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In most cases no, unfortunately most plastic toothpaste tubes are not recyclable. As a result approximately 300 million tubes end up in UK landfill (buried under the ground forever) every year; this would be enough to stretch around the globe twice if laid out end to end! Globally over a billion tubes go to landfill every year and increasing amounts are ending up in the sea which is hugely damaging to the environment and the natural world.


In order for an item to be recycled- it has to largely be made of a single material. Unfortunately, most toothpaste tubes are made up of a mix of virgin, petrochemical plastics and aluminium metal:

  1. The plastics are the parts you can see and are the outer body of the tube and the cap -which may be made from two completely different types of plastic.
  2. The aluminium is normally a thin lining on the inside of the tube (where you can’t see it) and helps to keep the formula fresh.

It is extremely difficult for most people to separate all the component parts of toothpaste tubes so that they can be recycled. Similarly, most local recycling plants do not have the current capacity to separate the component parts of toothpaste tubes so that they can be recycled. Instead, they remove toothpaste tubes from the recycling process all together, meaning they still end up in landfill and/or the oceans.
It is best to check with your local government recycling scheme to understand whether or not they can recycle toothpaste tubes.


recyclable aluminium tube

If you are looking for an eco-friendlier toothpaste look no further than Waken toothpaste with its endlessly recyclable aluminium tube.

Aluminium is endlessly recyclable because it is a metal that can be melted down and reformed into new, useful products an unlimited number of times. Virgin, petrochemical plastic on the other hand can often only be broken down and reformed into something else once or twice before it ends up in landfill for hundreds of years.

At Waken we are passionate about sustainability and offering dental care that does less harm to the environment. As a result:

  • Waken toothpaste tubes are made from recycled aluminium – so helps to eliminate aluminium waste in the environment.
  • Waken toothpaste tubes are 100% recyclable when you are finished with them.
  • Waken toothpaste packaging is 100% recyclable and is made from responsibly sourced  FSC certified cardboard.

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Whilst increasingly more toothpaste tubes are becoming recyclable, it is important to remember that no toothpaste tube (or product) can be 100% sustainable. Our advice would be to use toothpastes that have sustainable intent, for example: those packaging in more sustainable materials, that help to avoid contaminating the seas and oceans, that are made with recycled materials, that can be recycled and so on.

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