Living an eco-friendly life is something most of us are trying to do and quite rightly so. If you’re suddenly looking at your daily grooming routine with green tinted sunglasses, then you might have recently switched to Waken Mouthcare.

Replacing your usual toothbrush with our recyclable Bamboo Toothbrush which has a biodegradable handle and using it alongside one of our Vegan Toothpastes, packaged in recycled aluminium tubes is a great way to reduce your impact on the planet.

However, one crucial step in your dental regime is flossing and sadly eco-friendly floss is hard to find. Until now that is!

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Most dental flosses are housed in an array of plastic packaging including blister packs. This leads to a significant amount of unnecessary plastic waste and the reality is that most of this won't be recycled.

Additionally, many flosses are coated in wax which is more often than not beeswax, so unfortunately they are not suitable for vegans. If not beeswax then sometimes they are coated in synthetic wax that is derived from petrochemicals whose production contributes to carbon emissions and climate change.

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Yes, you can! A popular alternative available to use silk dental floss. This is a natural solution made from silkworms, but the problem is that it isn’t suitable for vegans and it’s a lot weaker than traditional dental floss materials making it less effective when it comes to cleaning in between teeth as it breaks so easily.

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Dental Floss

Truly committed to creating eco-friendly and effective dental care solutions, we offer our Waken eco-friendly dental floss, made from recycled bottles and coated with vegan friendly vegetable wax for an effortless clean that effectively gets in between teeth. It’s also flavoured with natural peppermint essential oils to help freshen breath.

What’s more is that the fibrous texture of Waken dental floss expands when in use. This helps to fill in the spaces in between teeth for a more effective flossing experience.

Finally, Waken dental floss is packaged in FSC certified cardboard, making it easy to recycle and as the packaging is the dispenser, it helps minimise packaging waste.


Our Waken dental floss has been clinically tested to show that it reduces interdental plaque by 70%* to help prevent cavities and gum disease.

Additionally, as the floss grabs on to cavity causing bacteria and helps remove it from your lovely mouth, Waken floss has been shown to reduce bleeding gums by 50%*.

With approximately 35% of your teeth surfaces not fully accessible through brushing alone, flossing is the cornerstone of a full and healthy oral care regime. We created our Peppermint dental floss to help take care of your lovely smile without compromising our precious planet so you can floss daily without feeling guilty.


We recommend flossing your teeth twice a day just before you brush. If you find that you are getting a lot of excess debris in your mouth post-floss, we recommend swishing your mouth clean before brushing with one of our alcohol-free mouthwashes .

*Source: experimentation in plaque control in the interproximal spaces using dental floss, Genoa University Medicine & Surgery Faculty, 2004