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Could Mouthwash Protect You from Coronavirus?

We saw light during the final quarter of 2020. The vaccine approval for coronavirus was in sight and a study found that mouthwash could kill coronavirus within 30 seconds of it being exposed to in a lab. The caveat here is that whilst the study suggests that mouthwash may destroy Covid-19 in saliva, mouthwash isn’t a sufficient enough treatment for coronavirus as it doesn’t reach the respiratory tract and lungs.



Now that we’ve cleared the above up, the team at Waken looked into the research further and found that the research, which was conducted at Cardiff University found that mouthwashes which contain at least 0.7 cetylpyrindium chloride (CPC) showed “promising signs” of reducing Covid-19. This is encouraging but according to Professor David Thomas who led the clinical trial, “More clinical research is clearly needed”. The trial will be completed this year (early 2021).


Cetylpyrindium chloride is an antimicrobial agent used in some over the counter mouthwashes. It has antiseptic properties and is known to kill some bacteria and other microorganisms. Antiseptic mouthwashes are predominantly used to treat mouth infections.


We do not use CPC in Waken Mouthwashes. Mouthwashes that contain this ingredient tend to be recommended by dentists to help control specific plaque and gum problems. We generally wouldn’t recommend them for everyday use and the same goes with common anti-bacterial agents like chlorhexidine (which most bottles say as a warning).

helping you understand:


No. We don’t use alcohol in our mouthwashes and even the mouthwashes that do use alcohol don’t include it at a high enough percent. The minimum percentage of alcohol in a product in order to be an effective sanitizer needs to have at least 60% alcohol according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Whilst Waken Mouthwashes cannot protect you from Covid-19, there are ways in which they may help you during the coronavirus pandemic. We take pride in using sodium fluoride at the recommended level in all our mouthwashes. According to the NHS, using dental products that contain sodium fluoride is the most effective way to prevent tooth decay. If you are not visiting a dentist as frequently as before the pandemic for your check-ups, using a Waken mouthwash throughout the day (ideally after meals) will help to keep your teeth healthy.

In addition to sodium fluoride, we use natural ingredients to deliver our amazing flavours which we think can enhance your everyday dental routine into an uplifting experience.

Finally, lockdown has encouraged DIY boom. According to the Office for National Statistics, retail stores across the UK saw a 42% increase in sales of homeware and furniture. If you’re looking for easy and inexpensive home updates as we spend more time at home, a shade of pastel can really help to make your bathroom look like a sanctuary. Our mouthwashes have featured in interior magazines and we’re loving all of your Instagram stories ft Waken on your shelves!

Mouthwasn Coronavirus


To conclude, our mouthwashes cannot protect you from Covid-19 but we are here to keep your breath fresh, teeth healthy and bathroom looking slick. The best way to protect yourself from coronavirus is to stay at home unless it’s to shop for essentials, wear a mask when you leave your home and wash your hands frequently. To help yourself stay well, the NHS recommends getting some daily exercise, taking a vitamin D supplement as we are indoors for most of the day, refrain from smoking and eat a healthy diet.

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