The Best Mouthwash Flavours For Bad Breath

When searching for the best mouthwash flavours, you will probably be considering what the ideal products are to help freshen breath or freshen bad breath overall. There are a lot of options out there but we will explore a few key factors that will help to determine what the best mouthwash flavours are for you.

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Let’s actually put flavour to one side for a second. There are a few properties that all good mouthwashes should really have to ensure that they are effective against bad breath. Effective in this context of course means freshening breath, but it also means genuinely taking care of your teeth.

Check out our list below of some of the properties we believe the best mouthwashes should have- aside from just freshening bad breath:

  1. Fluoride mouthwash
    • The number one ingredient you should look for in the best mouthwashes is fluoride. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in many places in nature. For example, it is a naturally occurring component of our teeth! It can also be found naturally in water, soil, plants and even the air!
    • Fluoride is used to strengthen the outer layer of your teeth (called the enamel) which helps to prevent cavities.
    • Fluoride can come in different forms such as stannous fluoride, but the version we most recommend are mouthwashes with sodium fluoride. We believe the best mouthwashes should contain at least 250ppm fluoride.
  2. Alcohol-free mouthwash
    • Many people believe that the alcohol in some mouthwashes (often ethanol) is what kills bad breath and decay-causing bacteria in the mouth. However, most mouthwashes that contain alcohol only do so at round twenty percent, which is not high enough to kill these sorts of bacteria. Instead, the alcohol acts as a preservative to help stabilise the formula. We believe this is wholly unnecessary as an ingredient. As a result, we do not recommend mouthwashes that contain alcohol.
    • We believe alcohol-free mouthwashes are the best because they:
    1. Avoid that overwhelming, burning sensation that many alcoholic mouthwashes cause. It could be of particular help for those who suffer from conditions such as burning mouth syndrome or sensitive and irritable gums.
    2. Help you enjoy the actual flavour of the mouthwash better, without masking it with the overwhelming taste and sensation of alcohol. This will make using mouthwash more enjoyable.
    3. Help to remedy dry mouth, Alcohol-free mouthwashes can help freshen breath as well as deliver other benefits without the drying and dehydrating effects of alcohol.

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    So mint is pretty much the standard flavour in most mouthwashes. However, did you know that a lot of the mint you are tasting in a number of leading mouthwashes isn’t actually real or natural? It’s often a mint-flavoured chemical composition that is much cheaper to produce,. We feel very strongly that natural mint mouthwashes that use natural peppermint or natural spearmint for example are the best

    The best mouthwash flavours use natural mint for some of the following reasons:

    Natural mint is refreshing
    The primary purpose of mouthwash it to freshen breath, so it makes sense that mint with its pleasantly uplifting taste and aroma are used. Natural mint is a natural choice for tackling bad breath (you see what we did there?).

    Natural mint also contains menthol which delivers a cooling effect. This adds to the sensation of fresh breath. Many of us associate this cooling action of menthol with positive feelings of cleanness and freshness.

    Natural mint is associated with health benefits
    Natural mint extracts such as peppermint oil are thought to be associated with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties and more.

    Natural mint is… natural
    We are very much of the opinion that avoiding harsh and unnecessary ingredients should always be a priority in dental care. Using natural mints like fresh & cool peppermint or fresh & mild spearmint aids wellness through consuming purer and less artificial flavours and artificial chemicals.

    beyond mint mouthwash


    So as much as we truly love natural mint flavoured mouthwash, we also believe that flavour exploration in mouthwash can be fresh, delicious and exciting!

    We believe the best mouthwash brands should offer a range of flavours for people like you to enjoy. As flavour preference is so subjective the best mouthwash flavours will be entirely up to each and every individual to decide.

    We believe mint should always be in the mix when tackling bad breath but below are some alternative mouthwash flavours. The great news is they all help to freshen breath effectively. We also recommend them to anyone looking for a more unique taste experience in dental care.

    Lemon mouthwash

    • Brand: Waken mouthcare
    • Flavours: Lemon & Mint flavoured mouthwash
    • Contains: natural peppermint and natural lemon extracts
    • Taste profile: fresh & zesty
    • Taste experience: fresh, citrusy and tangy

    Strawberry mouthwash

    • Brand: Waken mouthcare
    • Flavours: Strawberry & Mint flavoured mouthwash
    • Contains: natural strawberry and natural mint extracts
    • Taste profile: fresh & fruity
    • Taste experience: fresh, naturally sweet, fruity and intensely fragrant

    Blackcurrant mouthwash

    • Brand: Waken mouthcare
    • Flavours: Blackcurrant & Mint flavoured mouthwash
    • Contains: natural blackcurrant and natural mint extracts
    • Taste profile: fresh & juicy
    • Taste experience: fresh, rich, complex, tannic and naturally sweet

    Elderflower mouthwash

    • Brand: Waken mouthcare
    • Flavours: Elderflower & Mint flavoured mouthwash
    • Contains: natural elderflower and natural mint extracts
    • Taste profile: fresh & floral
    • Taste experience: fresh, floral, clean, naturally sweet, aromatic and delicate

    Apple mouthwash

    • Brand: Waken mouthcare
    • Flavours: Apple & Mint flavoured mouthwash
    • Contains: natural apple and natural mint extracts
    • Taste profile: fresh & crisp
    • Taste experience: fresh, slightly tangy, crisp, refreshing and naturally sweet

    Vanilla mouthwash

    • Brand: Waken mouthcare
    • Flavours: Vanilla & Mint flavoured mouthwash
    • Contains: natural Madagascan vanilla and natural mint extracts
    • Taste profile: fresh & aromatic
    • Taste experience: fresh, warm, creamy and naturally sweet

    And in case you wondered, these delicious Waken products are all sugar-free mouthwashes; so they will not harm your teeth through exposure to fruit acids.

    Happy tasting!

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