What do Lip Balms do?

The purpose of all lip balms, lip salves and lip butters is the same. These products have all been created to protect and condition your lips. Some of the most common ingredients in lip balms that help to moisturise lips are lanolin and petroleum jelly. These are ingredients that help skin retain moisture. Waken’s lip balms don’t contain lanolin or petroleum jelly, but they do contain three vegan butters instead. In this blog post, we’re going to dissect the benefits of using these ingredients over lanolin and petroleum jelly and importantly, the benefits of using lip balms.


Some of the best lip balms, or really the most well-known lip balms contain ingredients that are not suitable for vegans and/or those that are conscious of their environmental footprint so let’s debunk lanolin and petroleum jelly:

  1. Lanolin- A waxy substance that comes from the sebaceous glands of sheep’s skin. Lanolin can hold up to 400 times its weight in moisture which is why it is a popular ingredient in lip balms but as it comes from an animal, it isn’t vegan friendly.
  2. Petroleum jelly- This is an occlusive ingredient which means it can hold in moisture. Experts say that occlusives can help prevent dryness because they provide a protective seal over the surface of the skin to prevent loss of hydration into the environment. An issue with petroleum jelly is that it is derived from fossil fuels, so it’s not suitable for those trying to minimise their carbon footprint

Shea butter, mango seed butter and cocoa butter are all occlusive ingredients and unlike petroleum jelly, they also contain additional vitamins and antioxidants.

We use shea butter, mango seed butter and cocoa butter in our lip balms. Each of these ingredients are vegan friendly and naturally derived.

You might also be wondering why many lip balms have a cool and mild tingling sensation. This comes from menthol, which is a chemical that naturally occurs in mint, but it can also be made in a lab. We use 100% natural mint extract in each of our lip balms.

Additionally, our Strawberry & Mint Lip Balm and Lemon & Mint Lip Balm contain natural strawberry and lemon extracts.

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Lip balm can be used in several ways and several times a day to help keep dry lips at bay.

  1. Apply a lip balm in the morning after cleansing and before applying any make-up (like you would a moisturiser).
  2. Apply lip balm throughout the day. Eating and drinking can wear away the lip balm and also water left on the lips from food and drink can evaporate which adds to dryness. Our pocket-sized lip balm tins are perfect to keep with you on the go.
  3. Apply lip balm before bed after you have brushed your teeth to complete your Waken mouthcare routine.


In order to get the best results from a lip balm, lip salve or any other lip moisturiser, we recommend exfoliating your lips first. This will help to remove any dead skin cells and help to eliminate flaking skin on your lips. You can exfoliate your lips by using a gentle lip scrub or even a soft toothbrush.

Simply wet your lips with warm water before you apply a pea-sized amount of brown sugar evenly over your lips. Then, gently rub your soft bristled brush over your lips in circular motions. Remember to be very gentle and not go over the top. 30-60 seconds is plenty. Rinse off the excess residue then pat your lips dry before applying your favourite Waken Lip Balm.

Finally, it is recommended to avoid licking your lips if they are chapped. This can exacerbate the problem. Use a Waken lip balm instead!

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