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Bamboo Toothbrush


Waken to our eco-friendly, biodegradable1 bamboo toothbrush. Beautifully crafted from natural moso bamboo and with soft bristles for a gentle, natural and sustainable brushing experience.

Color: White

Our Waken bamboo toothbrush will provide you with the following benefits:

✓ Soft, high-quality bristles
✓ Vegan-friendly
✓ Beautifully crafted from sustainable and natural Moso Bamboo 1
✓ Biodegradable handle 2
✓ Eco-friendly cardboard packaging
✓ Two beautiful bristle colours
✓  Custom diamond-shaped brush head and handle design
✓ Beautiful in your bathroom

This wonderfully effective toothbrush comes with soft bristles for a gentle brushing experience.

Our Waken bamboo toothbrush is not coated with beeswax and so is a vegan-friendly making it suitable for vegans, vegetarians and anyone else who sees the benefits of plant-based living.

Bamboo is a sustainable source of material making our Waken toothbrush an eco-friendly alternative to toothbrushes with plastic handles.

The Waken bamboo toothbrush is made with beauty in mind; with its custom designed diamond-shaped brush head and handle – it will look beautiful in any bathroom.

UK designed toothbrush: this wonderful Waken bamboo toothbrush is lovingly designed in the UK to the highest quality standards.

1 The kind that panda bears don’t eat!
2 Remove bristles. Compostable in municipal compost facilities where available.

Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every 3 months. As this brush is made of bamboo, we recommend it is dried after use.

Waken bamboo toothbrush: Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) handle and nylon bristles

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