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Our Story

Waken is the new kid on the block (we were only born in 2019) and like all new kids, we stick out in a crowd- but for a really good reason of course. ​

​Waken is here for one very important purpose: to take care of your lovely smile.  Can you think of any other products that try to do this? We can, but when we do, what pops into our minds are words like, ‘targeting’, ‘neutralising’, ‘fighting’,  ‘killing’, - bacteria that is, all 99.99% of it! ​

​Then it dawned on us, what about products that focus on complete mouthcare? Products that: ​prioritise  purity over strength, Work with  your mouth instead of targeting it, care  for your whole mouth instead of just  killing things in it​, and balance what’s good about your mouth with what it might need some help with.

Well we’re Waken and we’re here to do all this for you and more.

​We want to bring about a world of mouthcare that is both gentle and effective. One that cares more about our planet.  Importantly, (perhaps critical to some) a world where mouthcare products are a thing of beauty, something that we would be proud to showcase in our bathrooms. ​

​We’re just getting started, but by the time we are done we believe mouthcare will be a much more positive experience.

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Our Journey So Far

  • Bulldog Skincare founder Simon Duffy dreamt up Waken Mouthcare.

  • Waken Launches with a bang into Boots UK (the No. 1 health & beauty retailer) and Sainsbury's (a leading supermarket).​

  • Waken achieves the honour of being approved as vegan by the Vegetarian Society.

  • Waken Launches into Amazon (the world's No. 1 online retailer.)

  • Waken launches into Ocado (the world's largest dedicated online supermarket).

  • Waken wins Gold for best natural dental product in the Global Green Beauty Awards 2020.

  • Waken mouthwashes become certified 100% carbon neutral

  • By time January 2021 came around Waken had won awards galore: the Glamour Wellness Award for Best Dental Hygiene Range, the Green Dental award for the Best Dental Product and the Pure Beauty Award for Best New Oral Beauty Product (bronze)

  • Waken launches five new flavoured mouthwashes, offering flavours as diverse as Strawberry ∓ Mint mouthwash to Elderflower & Mint mouthwash
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