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welcome toOUR BLOG

We fill our blog with articles to help pass on knowledge about all the things we are passionate about. In particular, we’re completely fascinated by dental care and sustainability but also so much more.  

We hope you’re just as interested in these things too- if so please find a wealth of useful information that we hope helps you better care for yourself, others and the planet. 

Love, The Waken Team 

How to use mouthwash – The do’s and the don’ts

If you’re looking to freshen your breath, Waken have a selection of mouthwashes to choose from but a lot of us are still aren’t sure how to use mouthwash throughout the day in order to reap the benefits. In this post, we explore the do’s and the d...

The Best Mouthwash Flavours For Bad Breath

When searching for the best mouthwash flavours, you will probably be considering what the ideal products are to help freshen breath or freshen bad breath overall. There are a lot of options out there but we will explore a few key factors that will...

Can you use mouthwash for gum problems?

In addition to brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, adding an alcohol-free mouthwash like Waken’s mouthwashes into your routine can actually help to prevent gum disease from occurring. Before we delve into the optimum dental care routine ...

How to use mouthwash

How to use mouthwash is a question we get a lot! We always advise that you follow the instructions on the packaging of any mouthwash you chose to use but we thought we would detail our beliefs in terms of how to use mouthwash and the things you ma...

Could Mouthwash Protect You from Coronavirus?

We saw light during the final quarter of 2020. The vaccine approval for coronavirus was in sight and a study found that mouthwash could kill coronavirus within 30 seconds of it being exposed to in a lab. The caveat here is that whilst the study s...

How can I reduce my carbon emissions?

We hear a lot these days about ‘carbon emissions’, carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) or even methane gas (CH4). This is often with regards to the worrying climate change crisis we are facing.  There is often so much information flying around we thoug...
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