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Highly Effective
We work with dental experts to deliver proven effectiveness for teeth and gums.

Natural Flavours
All our products contain real, natural mint and other natural extracts to deliver a truly authentic taste.

Thoughtful Packaging
We work hard to incorporate recycled and sustainable materials into our packaging choices.

Vegan Friendly
Our products never contain materials from animal sources and are certified suitable for vegans.

Here's To A World Filled With Even More Beautiful Smiles

Here's To A World Filled With Even More Beautiful Smiles

Up to 5 Shades Whiter Teeth*

Our Whitening Mouthwash contains plant enzymes for a gentle, yet effective approach to whitening and brightening your teeth.
*When used twice a day for two weeks.
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Our Daily Care Mouthwashes and Toothpastes Provide 12hr Protection For Your Enamel.

Why Are Other Mouthwashes Purple or Blue or Green?

We don't really know other than that's the way they've always done it (and it probably feels a bit dentisty). What we do know is that they really don't need to be in order to work. That's why we don't add any colours or dyes to Waken mouthwashes.

Flavours of Natural Mint

We only ever use natural mint extracts. You won't find any artificial mint flavours in any Waken products.

Highly Effective

We work with dentists and oral care experts to formulate mouth care products that really deliver for your teeth.

Pure Function

We think very carefully about every ingredient that goes into Waken products and we know that you will experience the difference.

Why Choose Waken?

At Waken, we work hard to deliver amazing results without the need to compromise. Our products are thoughtfully designed to support your oral care needs, enriching your daily routine with a highly effective touch of sophistication. 

Here's to a world filled with even more beautiful smiles.

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