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Waken Mouthwash

What does mouthwash actually do?

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It sounds simple but the main function of a mouthwash is to freshen breath. We have worked hard to create delicious tasting mouthwashes that will leave your breath feeling fresh and clean. They also contain sodium fluoride, which means that they have the additional benefit of helping to protect teeth from cavities.

When should I use mouthwash?

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The best time to use Waken’s mouthwash is after flossing and before brushing. Mouthwash reaches the hard-to-reach places in your mouth and helps to clear away the debris left behind after flossing. You can also use Waken throughout the day when you haven’t brushed your teeth. 

We think that taking a moment after lunch or ahead of a big meeting might give you a confidence boost that could help with your wellbeing. 

Can I use mouthwash after brushing?

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If you want to use mouthwash after you’ve brushed, then it’s a good idea to wait 30 minutes as if you do it too soon you could be washing away the fluoride from your toothpaste.

How often can I use mouthwash?

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You can use a Waken mouthwash as many times as you wish as long as it isn’t straight after brushing or your dentist has said otherwise.

Do the mouthwashes work?

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Our user trials show that Waken Mouthwashes give you fresh breath. Personal preference also plays a major role in the choice of mouthwashes. We have a variety of flavours to choose from to suit different tastes. If you think you have specific dental issues, then we would recommend you discuss these with your dentist.

Is the mouthwash good for halitosis?

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Halitosis is another way of saying “bad breath”. This is very common and yes our mouthwashes can help to prevent halitosis. By using a Waken Mouthwash after meals you can help prevent bad breath. We also recommend brushing/ cleaning your tongue twice aday. If you have bad breath that doesn’t go away after treating yourself for a few weeks and/or any pain then make sure you see your dentist for further advice and investigation.  

How should I use mouthwash?

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As per the instructions on the back of the Waken packs, pour 20ml of Waken Mouthwash into our stainless-steel mouthwash cups, swish it around your mouth for 30 seconds then expel. Enjoy!  

What should I do if I accidentally swallow mouthwash?

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You should be safe if you’ve swallowed a small amount of Waken Mouthwash by mistake, but if you have swallowed a lot and are concerned then we would recommend speaking with your doctor. 

Why can’t I swallow it if it’s mostly natural and contains no alcohol?

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Whilst accidentally swallowing a small amount of Waken mouthwash isn’t harmful, the product is still a dental product and not a beverage. 

Why do some mouthwashes burn?

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A lot of mouthwashes contain a high amount of alcohol which can cause a burning sensation. Waken mouthcare is alcohol-free so you’re unlikely to feel an unpleasant burn when using them.

Can I use mouthwash after a tooth extraction?

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General advice from the Oral Health Foundation states that you should not rinse your mouth for the first 24hrs after a tooth extraction. You should speak to your dentist for specific mouthwash recommendations to use after that period.

Are your mouthwashes suitable for sensitive teeth?

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We have formulated Waken to be very gentle, however, if you have very sensitive teeth you should always ask your dentist before you try any new product.  

How long will my breath feel fresh for if I use a Waken mouthwash?

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This depends on your lifestyle. Those that drink lots of coffee, for example, might find that the results aren’t as long lasting as those who don’t, but we have designed the mouthwashes to be potent as well as natural and pure. 

Are mouthwashes good for whitening my teeth?

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No, we have not designed Waken’s mouthwashes to whiten the teeth.

How do you know your products are safe?

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We meet all the requirements laid out in the EU Cosmetics Regulations (1223/2009). We follow all best practice and conduct our own user trials on every product.  

Are your mouthwashes good for children?

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They are not recommended for children below 6 years

Why can’t children under 6 use mouthwash?

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Young children are likely to not have developed the muscle reflexes necessary to properly spit out mouthwash and so they may swallow it. Instead of mouthwash, we advise that children of this age drink lots of water, refrain from refined sugar and eat plenty of vegetables and calcium rich foods.  

Can I drink mouthwash straight from the bottle?

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Consuming the mouthwash directly from the bottle means that your saliva will go inside the bottle, so it’s better to use ourStainless-Steel Mouthwash Cup to avoid this. The cup will also ensure you have the best serving size too.

Is mouthwash good for a sore throat?

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We’ve heard this from lots of people who currently use mouthwash, but in a recent study conducted by the National Institute for Healthcare Excellent (NICE) found there was no evidence to support the use of non-medicated mouthwashes for sore throats.

I’ve heard that Lemon juice is harmful to teeth. Why have you formulated a Lemon & Mint Mouthwash?

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We don’t use lemon juice in our mouthwashes, but we douse the essential oils from Lemons. The essential oil extract does not affect the acidity of the formula or the pH of the mouth.

Is it important to kill bacteria in your mouth?

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This is an area that is constantly being reviewed and there’s a lot of promising research around balancing the good bacteria and bad bacteria in the mouth (like gut health).

 We do know that there are bad bacteria in the mouth and excess levels can lead to problems like bad breath and tooth decay, but these issues require specific care.  

Generally, a healthy diet, good dental regime (brushing and flossing twice a day) and using an alcohol-free mouthwash can contribute to keeping your mouth balanced with good bacteria. When creating Waken, we were inspired by Dr. Steven Lin, author of The Dental Diet who echoes this sentiment.  

Do your mouthwashes contain chlorhexidine?

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Chlorhexidine is common anti-bacterial agent used in mouthwashes. Mouthwashes which contain this ingredient tend to be recommended by dentists to help control specific plaque and gum problems.  

 These are not suitable for everyday use (which most bottles say as a warning).  


What ingredients do you use in the mouthwashes?

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Sodium fluoride is an important ingredient in Waken’s formulas. It means that our mouthwashes help prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is the most effective treatment against cavities. There is a view that fluoride is not safe but according to the NHS, reviews of the risks have so have no convincing evidence to support these concerns.  

What makes Waken even more unique are the amazing natural ingredients we use to deliver our amazing flavours. We are using natural mints, eucalyptus, lemons from Sicily and clove.  

Many other mouthwashesuse harsh ingredients that can leave your mouth dry and irritated. Wakenmouthcare is alcohol-free and uses gentle, progressive ingredients that helpprotect, moisturise and condition.

How does sodium fluoride work?

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Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in water. The amount varies depending on where you live in the UK. It helps to prevent tooth decay which is why we add it to our products. Using dental products containing sodium fluoride is the most effective way to prevent tooth decay.   

When sodium fluoride reaches your teeth, it is absorbed by the enamel. By replenishing lost calcium and phosphorus which is what keeps your teeth hard, the fluoride will help to repair damage to the enamel from general day to day eating and drinking. This is what we call remineralisation. As the name suggests, during this process the minerals are absorbed by the enamel which helps to prevent decay.  

Is Waken cruelty-free?

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Yes.We don’t test our products or ingredients on animals and we’re currently in the process of getting the official certification. 

Are Waken mouthwashes vegan?

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Yes. We are certified by the Vegetarian Society as Vegan Friendly.

Do Waken use parabens?

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No, all our products are paraben free. 

Do Waken use SLS?

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No, all our products are SLS free.

Do Waken Mouthwashes contain gluten?

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We do not use any ingredients which contain gluten, but our mouthwashes are produced in a facility which may use gluten in other products.

How much Fluoride do your mouthwashes contain?

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We have included sodium fluoride at the recommended level to help protect teeth from cavities.  

What’s the PH of your Mouthwash?

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Between 5 to 5.5 

Are Waken products Halal?

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Our products are not officially certified as Halal. However, there are no animal derived ingredients and no alcohol in our products. All our products are also 100% vegan approved and certified by our friends at the Vegetarian Society.  

Is all the mint that you use sourced in the UK?

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We use a few different mints, but the peppermint that is common across all our products is farmed in the UK. There is not a huge production of spearmint in the UK, so we have had to look a little farther afield for the perfect flavour profile. 

Is your mouthwash 100% natural?

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Whilst most of the ingredients are natural or naturally derived, we are strong believers that some man-made ingredients have a role to play too.  Two examples are:  

·       We add naturally derived glycerine, which is a humectant, to our products.  This can help to stop mouth dryness which is a common issue for mouthwash users. 

·       We’ve also added sodium fluoride. We felt that this was important as it helps to prevent cavities and decay.  

Are there any natural alternatives to the synthetic ingredients?

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We are always reviewing the ingredients we use and will change formulations when we find abetter solutions.  Safety and effectiveness are the most important factors for us. Any natural ingredients that we use have to overlap with this approach. 

 It’s worth noting that none of our products contain SLS or parabens, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances.  


I have seen that you have changed your price. Why?

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Asa start-up business, we are constantly reviewing brand decisions. This includes formulation, flavours, packaging and of course our price. After launching and listening to consumer feedback, we felt that the right move for us was to reduce the recommended retail price so that we are keeping all of our shoppers happy. It is important for us to make Waken more accessible as we want as many people as possible to experience our delicious alcohol-free mouthwashes. 

Waken Packaging

What packaging do you use for your mouthwash bottles?

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The dental industry is a major contributor to the amount of plastic packaging used each year. In fact, the vast majority of dental waste goes into landfill and most of this packaging is made from fossil fuel petrochemicals. These are non-renewable sources.  In the process of conversion to plastic, these processes release carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming.

For Waken, we have developed a plastic solution which uses 50% plastic from post-consumer-recycled plastic (PCR) and 50% from sugarcane plastic.

This approach helpsWaken to reduce its consumption of fossil fuel materials.

The sugarcane plastic part comes from a renewable resource that is grown responsibly inBrazil with minimum impact on food suppliers or biodiversity. It doesn’t need much more than natural rainfall to grow.

On top of it being a renewable source, instead of releasing carbon dioxide, the processes involved in creating this type of plastic from sugarcane saves it. The properties of our plastic are no different to conventional fossil fuel plastic, but its environmental impact is much better which is why we are so excited to be using this material. 

Using these materials in our packaging is part of our work to become CarbonNeutral® certified. More information on this can be found here.

Is it recyclable?

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The packaging is 100% recyclable.

Do you use single-use plastic?

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No. There is no single-use plastic.

Is it BPA-free?

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Yes our sugarcane and PCR plastic is BPA-Free. It also does not contain any phthalates.

Why not use glass?

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There are advantages and disadvantages of using glass. Glass is long lasting and is easy to recycle. However, it does present more complexities in shipping and it’s heavier so requires more energy to move it around.

We would not rule out the idea glass packs in the future. We think that glass is elegant and love that it can be kept forever so if it is suitable and we have an option that sits right with our ethics, we’re not ruling it out for a future Waken product.

What is the Mouthwash Cup made from?

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Stainless-steel. We launched this product because a lot of the mouthwashes that are available on the mass market have a black plastic cap on the top. As customers, we often use this cap to measure the amount of fluid we put in before sipping. When plastic packaging goes into the recycling it is sorted into different types of plastic which are then baled up ready for reprocessing. Special laser technology is used to do this sorting. Black plastic is difficult for lasers to see and so it is widely not sorted for recycling. Therefore, we created our reusable (and dishwasher safe) cup to try and eliminate the need for single-use black plastic caps. 

Can I re-use my Waken Mouthwash bottle for a different purpose?

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Definitely. As it contains mouthwash, we wouldn’t recommend using it for drink consumption but thanks to our chic pastel colours you can upcycle the bottle in to a pretty vase, a practical watering can… You name it! Just ensure that you rinse the bottle out with water first. Check out our Instagram feed for inspiration.

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