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Our Promise

The future is bright (and pastel coloured)

Doom and gloom, disaster and dread, ​  
At Waken we choose to shine the light of hope instead.  ​ 
Building a world where nature, sustainability and beauty deliver smiles​  
It all starts with us, and you in shopping carts and aisles…​  

Is it us or is it dark in here? As difficult to stomach as our environmental crisis sometimes is, we’re guilty of being relentless optimists who believe that every positive step, however big or small, is incremental in helping us build a better world.  This is why we are committed (forever) to reducing the impact that mouthcare has in the world, making wise decisions that do less harm and heroing mother nature, giving her credit in all that we do to help your lovely mouth get out there and speak positive change into action.

From our mouth to yours (and his, and hers, and theirs) 

Fresh breath, wonky teeth, firm gums and well brushed tongues.​ 

Pearly whites, chipped in places and even those held in braces.​  
For the big ones, the loud ones, the small to slightly round ones…
And to all those in between…​  
…Waken is here to keep them all clean.​  ​ 

We’ve all got a mouth and at Waken we believe that each one is beautiful. We don’t just clean, we care, which  is why our brilliant mouthcare products care for all aspects of the mouth, as naturally and sustainably as we can…for a world filled with even more beautiful smiles.

Nature and beauty in balance

A thing of beauty is joy forever, ​  

So we’ll never stop marrying sustainability and great design together. ​  
For a world where your mouth feels really clean,​  
And fresh breath lets you boast about your bathroom shelf looking a dream!​    

It seems that the price we’re often asked to pay for buying sustainable products is that they don’t look as good, feel as good, or work as well as less sustainable alternatives. So how’s this for a crazy thought: dental care that never asks you to compromise on the beauty of the product you’re buying. Waken lets you do good, look good and have a brilliant looking bathroom through carefully selected natural ingredients, always striving to offer you less harmful choices and putting dazzling design waaaaay up high in our order of priorities. If we don’t love it, we don’t make it. ​So, you’ve heard us out, now come and join us so we can achieve amazing things together. ​Let’s get to caring. ​

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