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Smile wide, our minty mouthwashes are 100% carbon neutral

We, like you, are not perfect. Despite always trying to use the most sustainable materials we still have some work to do.  

Waken was born from the desire to make a positive impact on the environment. We set ourselves the tall task of creating beautifully sustainable mouthcare as a better alternative to what the oral hygiene category is currently providing.  

However, we want to grow in the right way. As a result we’ve taken our very first and most beloved products, our mouthwashes, and made them 100% carbon neutral!  

This means that we compensate for 100% of the carbon emissions associated with:

- Materials we source and use

- Manufacturing and distribution processes

- Packaging  

Our mouthwashes’ carbon footprint has been reduced to zero in the UK through Waken investing in conservation projects. The sum of this investment funds an ongoing rainforest conservation project in Acre State in Brazil.

We hope you agree it’s wonderful news, we’re very excited!

“We could all be doing more to tackle the multiple environmental crises our World is facing right now. Waken was born to provide more natural, gentle and sustainable mouthcare in order to make a positive change. Our mouthwashes are our very first product, designed to take steps towards more planet-friendly solutions and we hold them dear to our hearts (and mouths!). This is why we are absolutely beaming to now be able to say that they are 100% carbon neutral.”  

Simon Duffy, founder of Waken

You might wonder how we measure carbon emissions

We have partnered with some very clever folks at an independent organisation who are experts in carbon emissions analysis. A life-cycle assessment of how much carbon each bottle of our mouthwash emits was completed. This even included collecting data on indirect emissions from things like:  

- Production and transport of raw materials to our  manufacturing centres

- Direct emissions from on-site fossil fuels

- The electricity we use  

- Transportation to our warehouses  

We want you to understand how we neutralise any excess carbon emmisions

Once the quantity of emissions is identified it is then matched with activities that we fund that we know will neutralise the emissions. These include anti-deforestation and reforestation initiatives in the wonderful but threatened Amazonian rainforest. These projects contribute to preventing deforestation across 105,000 hectares of rainforest by:

- Helping local, small-scale farmers to be granted land tenure and ongoing support to assist them in diversifying their incomes (towards alternatives to deforestation)

- Protecting biodiversity from the negative effects of deforestation

You should know we have even bigger plans still

The reality is that we are on a great big journey to making our products as sustainably as we can and we’re pulling out all the stops in doing so, for example:  

- Aside from the carbon neutrality of our mouthwashes as a finished product, when you buy from our e-commerce website our delivery partners get our lovely products to your lips via carbon neutral delivery means.

- We also think long and hard about how we can make each and every product more sustainable – for example we now magic our mouthwash bottles out of 50% plant-based plastic (of the sugar cane variety to be exact) and 50% post-consumer recycled plastics.

- We are also committed to continually revisiting how sustain able our products are and making constant improvements to ensure you have the confidence to smile knowing that you’re helping our planet to do the same.  

Don’t just clean. Care.

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